What is myesell.com ?


The Myesell free Shop is built using industry standard PHP and MySQL.

Optimized programming code makes it possible to build stores that can easily handle over 10,000 products. Myesell also uses the PHP Smarty template engine that makes it very simple to change the look-and-feel of the store in the minimum amount of time and with advanced catalog management tools your store can be maintained with the least amount of effort.

Key features:

Extensive use of AJAX

AJAX technologies allow to considerably reduce traffic by updating a part of the page without its full reloading. Another advantage of AJAX is that you get dynamic web pages optimized for speed.  

One-page checkout

The One-page checkout feature enables to go through the checkout on a single page. This insures a quick and intuitive ordering process, increases order fulfillment rates and consequently results in greater profit.  

Inventory tracking

Automated inventory tracking saves your time and makes the control process much easier and much more efficient. In addition, for each product you can choose whether it should be tracked with or without options.  

Promotion options

Promotion is one more effective marketing tool to increase sales and interest your customers. The idea is simple, you just define certain conditions, meeting which, a customer gets a bonus.  

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates system allows to purchase and redeem either email type or postal type gift certificates. And thanks to a variety of options, you can easily manage and, what is more, be in total control of the whole process.  

Return Management

Availability of Return management system increases confidence in your store and as a result, makes your business more competitive. At the same time you have the ability to make the return policy so flexible that it will satisfy both you and your customers.  

Listmania add-on

Listmania is a tool intended for creating additional information boxes and special lists like Bestsellers, Related products and Featured products. Such lists help advertise and draw attention to a greater number of products.  

50+ payment gateways

Out of the box software is already integrated with more than 50 payment gateways including both credit card processors and payment systems. In this list you can find the world's most popular and most trusted payment providers as well as providers that are possibly not so widely spread but may suit you most.  

Realtime shipping rates

Myesell  can integrate with such major shipping providers as FedEx, UPS, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, DHL and Intershipper. And a large number of setting options provide the ability to offer not only realtime rates but also customized ones.  

Flexible tax rate system

Myesell provides full tax support, which allows to set up taxes in different ways. You are able to apply them to shipping methods or certain products, also they can be configured to depend on either shipping address or billing address.  

Built-in affiliate system

With the help of the built-in Affiliate system you can advertise your products on other web sites with no third party software required. All you need is to build mutually beneficial partnership with your affiliates - when they place your banners on their sites and get commissions for this.  

Statistics add-on

Covering different aspects of store attendance, the Statistics add-on makes it much easier to control the store. This enables to see, for example, the most frequently searched products or what browsers are popular among the visitors.  

Extended import/export

With the improved import/export functionality you have a chance to transfer data about languages, orders, products or users separately. Moreover, even importing/exporting only product data, you can select the fields that a CSV file will contain.  

Gift Registry

Gift Registry is one of the shopper tools that are highly popular nowadays. It enables customers to inform their friends and relatives of events or occasions in their lives (e.g. weddings, birthdays) and get the presents they want.  

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